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Education Summary - Dr Jayne Ingham

Dr Paul Cleary, GP, presented to a group of GPs at North Lakes on the practical aspects of back pain with hands on examination of a physio student and practice nurse.

The GPs gained knowledge on how much you can learn about a patient's back pain from gentle palpation of the skin and muscles as well as isolating the tender spots which can improve the diagnosis of the cause of the pain.

He also went through the non surgical interventions such as facet joint blocks and caudal epidurals.  It is an area of medicine that is a bit of a mystery to some of us GPs and unfortunately, this uncertainty can be passed on to patients and the chronic pain cycle is established.  Look out for future education events on back pain, certainly worth going to.

Paul's presentations are available via the links below.




28th March 2018 6.15pm


'How to diagnose and manage IBS' Held 6.30pm, 28 March, North Lakes

From the Chair

  • October 2017

    October 2017

    Congratulations to GPpartners' new Board. Dr Geoff Harding was elected at the recent AGM to fill the vacant position.   The GPpartners board now has Dr Geoff Harding, Dr Jeanne Carpenter and Dr Murray Bingham as directors. Dr Geoff Harding is a GP at Sandgate with a special interest in musculoskeletal medicine. Geoff has extensive governance experience, including being a Council Member of AMA for the Greater Brisbane Area. We look forward to some innovative ideas for GPpartners.   Thank you to the attendees at the AGM held at the Broncos Leaques Club on the 11th of October. There was considerable discussion about opportunities for General Practice and the changes that are coming. It is good to see the interest in GPs owning their own practices. There are some ideas about how these GPs can be supported with maybe a cooperative to share costs and resources.   The first board meeting is in November.   Jayne Ingham Outgoing Chair, GPpartners

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