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Education Summary - Dr Jayne Ingham

Dr Paul Cleary, GP, presented to a group of GPs at North Lakes on the practical aspects of back pain with hands on examination of a physio student and practice nurse.

The GPs gained knowledge on how much you can learn about a patient's back pain from gentle palpation of the skin and muscles as well as isolating the tender spots which can improve the diagnosis of the cause of the pain.

He also went through the non surgical interventions such as facet joint blocks and caudal epidurals.  It is an area of medicine that is a bit of a mystery to some of us GPs and unfortunately, this uncertainty can be passed on to patients and the chronic pain cycle is established.  Look out for future education events on back pain, certainly worth going to.

Paul's presentations are available via the links below.




17 November 2018 8.30am
27 November 2018 6.30pm

From the Chair

  • From the COO.  April 2018

    From the COO. April 2018

    Sorry for the gap in transmission but GPpartners Board has been busy working on our new strategy. Our ethos of 'Advancing General Practice' is being put into practice. By helping GPs in their day to day business, we improve GPs lives and consequently patient outcomes. GPpartners has been and will continue to provide education but this area is becoming more contested with the Pharmaceutical Companies, Private Hospitals, larger specialist groups and the PHN locally as well as all the online education, Private Medical Education and National Conferences. GPpartners is working with a local accounting firm to bring you an evening to help with your financial planning, self managed superannuation, business accounting, taxation and mortgages. These are the areas GPs tend to put aside until the end of the tax year approaches or your BAS is due. You are invited to come on the 2nd of May to learn more and to put in place some financial planning ideas to improve your financial health. GPpartners is partnering with GPpartners Australia who are based in Adelaide. (They did ask if they could share our name.) GPpartners Australia is setting up a company to support start up companies who will directly improve the working of Primary Health Care and General Practice. This is an exciting opportunity to be there at grass roots identifying problems and subsequent solutions. This fits with our mission of 'Advancing General Practice'. GPpartners has a project that we would like to advance through this company. It is early days but from our initial investigations it seems to tick the boxes not just for General Practice but other areas of Primary Health Care and Specialist Services. I am afraid it is a secret for the moment but in the near future we will be coming to practices to explain the concept and offer Foundation Membership. GPpartners Board Directors feel that we are heading in the right direction and with kindred spirits in Adelaide with their GP network and experience, are in for exciting times. If you would like to find out more about what is happening please email me on jayne.ingham@gppartners.com.au  Jayne InghamChief Operating Officer, GPpartners

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