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September 2015

GPpartners AGM is approaching at the end of October. All members are invited to “Des Alpes” Blackwood St, Mitchelton on Wednesday the 28th October 6.30pm for drinks and a meal.

After the formalities of the AGM, which will take about 20 minutes, we are hoping to hear from you, our GPpartners members, about your expectations of the organisation, what you as GPs want in our education events and what advocacy we can provide on your behalf.

Life as a GP means a full day of seeing patients with often quite complex problems. Our frustrations can be with the systems we are constrained to work under with limitations affecting the holistic care of the patients. At present there are several reviews of the Primary Health Care System as well as the looming National Disability Scheme. GPs are the centre of the system but often we are underrepresented when decisions are being made because we are too busy working at the coal face.

We welcome you to a round table discussion after the AGM to discuss issues that are affecting you.

Directors of GPpartners have a two year term and are able to renominate. Dr Deborah Sambo has been on the GPpartners Board for the last two years and we have appreciated her practical and relevant input to the board as well as representing the Northern area for GPpartners. Deborah has decided to not renominate.

Becoming a director is not too onerous. At present we meet monthly but after the formation of the new board we are going to review the governance and operational aspects of GPpartners. If you would like to nominate for a director’s position the paper work for the AGM will be emailed to you soon. If you would like more information please email contact@GPpartners.com.au or ring Jayne Ingham 0407550106.

I am renominating as a director and Dr Henry Bryan and Dr Glynn Kelly will continue on the Board of GPpartners.

Come and support your local General Practice Network at the Annual General Meeting.

Jayne Ingham
Chair, GPpartners